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SEO in a Nutshell Part 3: Creating Social Presence

By June 15, 2016February 26th, 2018Web Design

There are lots of articles out there about search engine optimization. However, few of them really break down each step of the process into simple, easy-to-understand steps that the average website owner can understand and incorporate into their SEO strategy. This article series is intended to do just this – “In a Nutshell.” This part specifically talks about ‘Creating Social Presence’.

Social media is an extremely effective way to boost SEO by creating a social presence and using content marketing to inform your users. Social media will improve your content and reach a diversity of users. Social media presence will organically traffic users and acquire new customers that will in effect advance your SEO campaign. Consider using a range of social media platforms – instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc.

6 Social Media Practices That Grow SEO :

Grow your number of followers :

Believe it or not – the total number of followers you have will influence your ranking. Connections are created through social media profiles that have a significant influence. Although this can be a tedious and slow process, it is highly effective if you keep up with it! Consistency is key! Stay engaged – direct customer engagements and conversations will present growth and show that you are dedicated to your brand.

External Inbound Links:

Assuming you have high-quality and original content, you can use social media as external links to your content. What you post on social medias acts as advertisements for your business. Create intriguing posts that will attract users and leave them wanting to learn more. Hashtags act as external links within social media – always use them to gain followers and visibility! By keeping the hashtags consistent, you will start to associate with the appropriate community for users and followers.

Optimize your posts:

It is important to make sure your posts are optimized to the greatest potential. This can apply to existing posts and new posts. Google recognizes trends and you will rank higher with google if you rank high with your social presence.A few ways you can optimize – Consider a strong anchor! What will get people hooked? (image, video, a link), lay out your foundation with strong text and content that is focused on a single topic, mix in keywords to maximize your content.

Social sharing:

This is another excellent way to verify to Google that your brand is legit. By getting users and your audience to share, like, favorite, reply, retweet, etc…. Will increase your validation to Google. Of course, the best way to increase social sharing is to make posts that promote it. Consider rewards or prizes for a contest entry or drawing! Another example would be to have a survey that encourages people to “like” your post if they agree with what you are promoting. The more people who share and like your posts – the more people your content will reach!

Direct posts locally:

This one is pretty straight forward! Use your social media presence to engage yourself with your community. The most effective way to do this would be to create posts that show your company involved with a local event or interacting with other local companies. This approach is fairly holistic – participate in the community,  show your face, and you will be seen!

Increase brand awareness:

Create posts that integrate your logo! Consider having your logo at the bottom of an image or at the end or beginning of a video. Increased brand presence will lead to more Google searches by users. Just remember to constantly give your viewers and audience a high quality experience that will leave them wanting to learn more about your brand and who you are!